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Scam Alert  Modi Free Laptop Vitran Yojana Scam – Truth Revealed

Scam Alert Modi Free Laptop Vitran Yojana Scam – Truth Revealed

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Modi Free Laptop Vitran Yojana Scam Revealed – Do not trust messages asking you to visit & or

If you are reading this, chances are that you might have heard about this fake scheme through any Whatsapp message or from any other social media platform. We are repeating one more time, this new is totally fake and please do not trust it.

Such Fake Viral information has been shared by the scammers initially and today it has been spread countrywide. Now, we are going to reveal that why this Yojana is a Scam.

  • You can read any newspapers and Visit any of the Official Websites, you are not going to find any clue of the scheme named as “Modi Free Laptop Scheme”.
  • You can listen to any of the speeches done by PM Modi himself and you will never hear him saying about such scheme by his name

FAKE Modi Free Laptop Yojana Scheme Web Links

Now, it is extremely important to understand who is behind all this.

We have identified few websites that are promoting this information. These websites are –

You will notice that the layout of both of these websites is similar . They look like this –

There could be more such websites. So, you are advised to not visit such websites and not enter your personal information.

We have done investigation from our end and found that these websites are registered on individual names. This never happens in case of official websites.

Take a look –
Here is the details of the person who have registered domain
Note – This detail has been filled by the owner by himself. It can be correct or incorrect. Most probably these are fake details

How to Identify Fake Laptop Distribution Scheme or Any Such Scheme

You can always identify if such schemes are real or fake by following these steps-
  • Try to search about the scheme on internet. If you find the description of such scheme on government portals i.e. websites ending with .gov, then they are real else fake
  • Whenever you receive such messages along with the website name, take another look at the website name. Official schemes have dedicated portals that end with .gov or .org
  • Always try to find who is the owner of the website. This can be easily done by entering the website name on various portals like
So, please keep in mind that –
There is no such scheme launched by our Government namely “Modi Laptop Yojana or Modi Muft Laptop Vitran Yojana”
Currently Operational Laptop Schemes

Laptop Schemes are currently operational in many states. For example there is Free Laptop Scheme in Uttar Pradesh, Free Laptop Scheme in Karnataka etc. These schemes are legitimate because you can find information about them on the official portals of the states.


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