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I can't get a job because I don't have experience because...!!

I can't get a job because I don't have experience because...!!

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Try not to apply for things online because you are totally anonymous. Go into shops and ask if they have vacancies. Also, retail isn't the only place to get a part time job. As you point out you have no experience. The way to remedy this is to get some experience. There is no point in whining about your friends having had experience because of family. That's not going to make an employer look at you and go "oh, it's not their fault they don't have experience! Let's employ them!" Get real. Life is unfair. Go down to a local charity shop and work there for a few weeks in the holidays, or on weekends. I don't know what kind of "sophisticated terminology" you're using in your applications but it could well be putting them off. To work in retail you basically need a friendly smile, a bit of confidence and your head screwed on right. You don't need a first class degree. Finally, if you don't hear back from places, call them up and politely ask whether they received your application and have had chance to consider it yet. If they say they decided not to give you an interview, ask them why not and try to improve for next time.

I have been unemployed for quite some time, and it seems that I will remain unemployed, or at best under employed. To say I am unemployed, I have a part time position at a local mall, so you may as well say that. I can do a job, I can go through the training classes they require, I can pass their tests, I can be at work every day on time, never miss a day, and perform the job. I cannot get the job because I cannot be a storyteller. I cannot make up situations that did not occur, so what to do? The STAR interview questions – I just cannot come up with answers at will. So what to do? Does anyone else have that problem? I would venture to guess that even people within the companies in question, if they have been employed there for over 20 yrs. could not pass the interview questioning, as this type of interview tactic did not exist years ago. Even if I could man- age to tell a story to answer one particular question, how do I know if that one question will be the one they ask? How can I then answer 5 more of them? I can’t. I also love the question about what was your grade point average, assuming of course that everyone is from a time and place where there again was such a thing as a grade point average. Again, what to do??? I will be forced to retired …..NOW. I don’t want to do that, nor can I afford to do that.

I totally relate to you guys, I have felt this way one time or another. I got two associate degrees, in addition I was working on my bachelors until, I was told I was no longer eligible for financial aid , because I got to many credit hours. I am now with out a job, and i have school loans to pay off as well. The last job I had was because I knew someone. And you guys are right, about its who you know. I wasn’t qualified for it at all. It was a construction job, and I am an art major who has little experience around power tools. Let’s just say it wasn’t my thing and it didn’t pan out. Plus the company went belly up. Even though it doesn’t seem fair that us folks that went to college and worked hard get the crap end of the stick. I don’t regret that I went because I learned more in the 4 plus years I went than I could have hoped to learn at home. Whether I get the job or not at least I can make the kind of art I dreamed of making as a child. Ones knowledge is priceless in my opinion, it’s unfortunate that the various schools and institutions are not upfront about the reality of actually getting a job. it’s obvious if they were they would loose money. my goal now is to try not to make any enemies because they might one day be my potential employer. Especially if it comes down to who you know.

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I’ve had interviews with people I knew within a company and still didn’t get the job based on some weird technicalities. It’s real frustrating now. I’m tired of playing their games and being totally PC in the interview and trying to put on a positive face after the 1 millionth interview. It’s ridiculous. Here, in this country, we are told to go to school, go to college, and get a good education and yet it doesn’t pan out for many of us. As others stated, yes I could go get a minimum wage job but it’s not going to pay my bills and I’ll be further in debt when I get a real job. That and they won’t hire me because I’m a college graduate. I applied for a min. wage position a year ago with a funeral home and the girl that interviewed me wanted to hire me but she had to go through the company that owned the funeral home to get the final answer. They hired someone else because they could pay them less. Another annoying thing is I HATE when people tell me they’ll call back and let me know whether or not I get the job and they never call back, they send a letter. CALL ME!!!!! If I don’t get it I’m not going to yell and throw a fit, I want to know how I can become a better interviewer. It’s like no one calls anymore and yet we live in a society of cell phone wielding maniacs. If I knew it was going to be this difficult I would have shoved college all together, nowadays it is not worth it. How can I have years of experience when I was in school!? Really, is it that hard to train someone, just shove a book in my face if the information is too much, that’s what college did for me anyway so why can’t the workforce do that too. Frankly I’m tired of playing the stupid interview game, most of the time they know who they want to hire anyway. Another annoying thing is having to take tests to get through to a job. A test, really!? Are we all back in college again? I’m ready to take off the PC gloves and just send a resume stating what I really think I am worth to a company and if it sounds arrogant, so what, it’s not like they were going to hire me anyway…lack of experience and all.

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