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Blue Whale: A life Threatening Online Suicide Challenge Game Beware!

Blue Whale: A life Threatening Online Suicide Challenge Game Beware!

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“Searches for resolving problems regarding ‘groups of death’ require attentive and comprehensive study,” they said. “During our own monitoring of suicidal content, thousands of bots publishing provocative material were revealed. All of them have since been deleted.”

Citizen activists have also taken up the cause. In Russia, an Omsk-based organization called Civic Patrol claims it is monitoring social media and reporting concerns to the government. When the RFE/RL correspondent created an account to investigate the game, it was deluged with messages from so-called dolphins, urging the make-believe 15-year-old to avoid the game and seek help. Many of the "dolphins" were posing as curators in an apparent effort to dissuade players from harming themselves.

Once you've been accepted by an administrator, you are given your first of 50 daily challenges, these can be anything from simple tasks like listening to a certain song, watching unsettling videos and waking up at odd times to much more extreme requests like cutting words or whale symbols into your skin. The first challenge usually comes at 4:20am. Every time you accomplish a task, you must provide photographic or video proof of completion to the admin.

Yulia Konstantinova, 15, left a note on social media saying ‘end’ shortly after posting a picture with a blue whale while her friend Veronika Volkova, 16, wrote ‘Sense is lost… End.’ before she took her own life.

It might’ve been fake in the U.S., but today there were multiple reports from several schools in the Vantaa region of Finland, where students *have* been part of a game exactly as the so-called “fake news” you reference describe. These reports have been verified by the police.

The Novaya Gazeta article suggested that Blue Whale challenges may have been connected with up to 130 children killing themselves over a period of six months. “We counted 130 suicides of children that occurred in Russia from November 2015 to April 2016,” the article reads. “Almost all of them were members of the same group on the internet.” The article was criticized by other publications. Meduza said the story “appeals to their (the writer’s) own opinions” and criticized the article’s failure to reach out to administrators of “Blue Whale” groups. They say that the psychologist cited in the study was the son of the author. Novaya Gazeta responded to the criticism. The publisher has explained that the figure of 130 deaths came from the evidence of networks of parents. It has also said that its attempts to contact the people behind these Blue Whale communities were unsuccessful before publication. Days later, deputy editor of Novaya Gazeta, Sergei Sokolov was suspended from Novaya Gazeta along with a colleague. This was for allegedly “unacceptable methods” used in researching a follow up article to the Blue Whale piece.

In March this year, parents on Facebook shared messages, they said were forwarded to them by school teachers who it was claimed had been contacted by the police, advising them to keep their children inside due to a planned mass suicide organized by “whale” communities. Police in several Russian regions told tjournal that the posts were fake. View this image › “Dear parents! Sharing this letter received on teachers’ mail. Hello! This is the message from deputy director of gymnasium Babtsova E.A. Dear parents, today the school received a letter from the police. It is ordered to let parents know that this Sunday a community called The Whale is planning a mass suicide (5,000 people). We recommend not to let children go out this Sunday. NOWHERE. Not even to a nearby building, a shop or ‘to a friend.’ The police called and asked that on Sunday kids need to be under supervision. In city of Togliatti the mass suicide is planned(!) Kolosov K.A. told us that we have to warn all parents, so we will stay alert. Maximum sharing!”

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